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As the independent authority on web design and development agencies, we complete an in-depth analysis of every vendor on the list by looking into their processes. We often times then contact clients of each vendor to obtain evaluations. The top vendors are rated by us and then compiled to the list of the best.

We help businesses by finding conversion firms that excel in five key areas identified: Clean Conversion, Standards Compliance, Turnaround Time, Integration, and Privacy.

The first component that is analyzed is the vendor’s ability to have a clean conversion. We compare the PSD format to the HTML version to see how closely the two match. Is there a pixel to pixel match from design to implementation or were adjustments needed? If adjustments were needed, why were they necessary?

Next we evaluate the scripting to ensure standards compliance. Did the vendor use appropriate CSS and XHTML to format the design? Was the scripting built to optimize load times?

We also review the turnaround time of a vendor. Was the conversion provided quickly to the client? Was there a sacrifice of quality for time?

Another aspect reviewed by us is the ability to integrate the design into various content management systems such as WordPress or Joomla. Did integration require the use of third-party applications or did it use existing technologies to implement?

Finally, we review the privacy of the vendor. Do they have strict non-disclosure agreements that prohibit them from revealing that they produced the site?

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